1. Alumni

Alumni Awards

We’re so proud that you’re a part of our family.

We honor the outstanding achievements of SFCM’s alumni whose success and service promote the Conservatory’s innovation and excellence in the field of higher education. The Presidential Alumni Council (PAC) presents two awards annually to recognize the outstanding work of alumni at two key events: the annual Fanfare Luncheon and Commencement.

Past recipients

2017    Eugene Rodriguez '87
2016    James Freeman '92        
2015    Lisa Delan '89
2014    Amy Schwartz Moretti '94 PC
2013    Marnie Breckenridge '96
2012    Choong Mo Kang '86
2011    Krista Bennion Feeney '81
2010    Chester Patton '91
2009    Yuliya Gorenman '92
2008    Lise Lindstrom '96
2007    Gyan Riley '01
2006    Warren Jones '77
2005    Robin Sutherland '75
2004    Violaine Melançon '88 and Seth Knopp '88, Peabody Trio

Criteria and Guidelines for Awards

PAC has identified key areas of interest for the Alumni Awards. To qualify as a nominee, the committee considers the following criteria:

  • Demonstrate a record of excellence in the field
  • Exemplify the current mission and vision of SFCM
  • Provide an inspiration to the SFCM community
  • Require approval by the PAC and the SFCM President

Nomination process

The PAC calls for nominations from the SFCM alumni community every fall, requesting a formal statement of nomination with a brief rationale and a resume or narrative career outline. An individual cannot nominate himself or herself.