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Office of Institutional Research

The Office of Institutional Research provides data and analysis in support of institutional decision making and planning, and guidance for assessment and self-study so the Conservatory can better fulfill its mission.


  • Maintain a comprehensive and detailed database of all official reporting data for the Conservatory
  • Analyze institutional data trends
  • Disseminate data to the Conservatory administration and interested parties
    • Semi-regular reports on standard institutional research figures
    • Periodic reports on special interest topics
    • Institutional research website, which hosts commonly requested data
    • Ad hoc reports on non-standard topics by individual request
  • Assist the assessment efforts of the Conservatory.
    • Manage the Program Review (PR) cycle by working with department heads, the dean, and the Accreditation Liaison Officer to provide institutional data, develop report templates, review final reports, and coordinate external reviewers
    • Develop and implement a school-wide system of assessment of student learning and success based on direct and indirect evidence
    • Develop and formalize Institutional Learning Outcomes derived from the Mission Statement in collaboration with the Student Learning Assessment Committee
  • Coordinate and engage in accreditation efforts at the Conservatory.
  • Respond to all external surveys and data requests as appropriate.

OIR Glossary from IPEDS

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