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SFCM at SF Ballet's The Little Mermaid


Off-Campus Student Activity
50 Oak Street, San Francisco, CA 94102

We have a limited number of tickets to SF Ballet's The Little Mermaid on April 20 production at 2 PM. The cost is $30 (discounted from $55) and the tickets are on the balcony. Purchase your tickets at the Student Services Center starting after Spring Break in March.

The Little Mermaid
Composer: Lera Auerbach
Choreographer, Scenic, Costume, and Lighting Design: John Neumeier

Dive into the emotional depths of John Neumeier’s The Little Mermaid, a heart-wrenching tale of love and sacrifice. Featuring an original score by renowned composer Lera Auerbach, Neumeier’s contemporary version of The Little Mermaid is a haunting tale of two divergent worlds: the serenity and simplicity of underwater life and the complex, often flamboyant life of humans. The mermaid heroine travels between both worlds, tormented by her unrequited love for a prince.