1. Alumni

Alumni Artist Insights

Celebrating our alumni in performance

The Alumni Artist Insights Recital Series consists of performances and artist talks that showcase performing alumni and their stories. The interactive format shares the artist’s journey with audiences and brings a unique perspective to the music and performance.

Each spring, the Presidential Alumni Council (PAC) puts out a request for alumni to submit proposals to participate in the series. Three submissions are selected to be presented by SFCM in the following academic year. In its selection, the PAC considers inclusion of other alumni and/or SFCM students and faculty, innovative programming, and artistic excellence.

Collegiate and Pre-College Alumni are welcome to submit a proposal for one of the following performance opportunities from now until July 19:

1. Alumni Artist Insights
All alumni are welcome to apply for the Alumni Artist Insights recital. The majority of the ensemble must have a relationship to SFCM as an alumnus/na, current student, or faculty member.

2. Young Alumni Artist Insights
Collegiate graduates from 2014 or later and Pre-College graduates under the age of 30 are welcome to apply for the Young Alumni Artist Insights. The majority of ensemble members must meet this criteria.

3. Curricular Theme Alumni Artist Insights: "Music and Nature"
We welcome proposals from the alumni that relate to SFCM's 2019-20 curricular theme of "Music and Nature." The majority of the ensemble must have a relationship with SFCM as an alumnus/na, current student, or faculty member.


  • The length of your program should not exceed 70 minutes.
  • Performers are required to participate in a student-led interview from the stage pre or post-concert.
  • Chosen ensembles will be expected to promote their concert to their networks, in partnership with SFCM.
  • Alumni Artist Insights Recitals are free and open to the public. Performers may not charge for tickets.
  • Recitals will be scheduled on one of the following dates in the evening: 9/6, 10/5, 11/2, 1/18, 2/7, 3/6 (other dates may be available upon request)

Alumni Recital Series participants will receive:

  • Complimentary use of SFCM's concert venues for your performance and rehearsal. 
  • Promotion of your concert on SFCM's online Performance Calendar and social media pages.
  • One-on-one coaching with members of the Presidential Alumni Council on how to build your audience.
  • Design assistance from SFCM's Marketing team for digital and print promotional materials.

Your proposal should include the following:

  • Your name, contact information, and year of graduation (if applicable)
  • Program description (title, style, total length)
  • List of proposed works, instrumentation and composers
  • List of performers and brief biographies
  • Your or ensemble website (if available)


Past Alumni Artist Insights performances include:

2018-19: Brian Calhoon '07, percussion
2018-19: Persephone Chamber Ensemble (Kindra Scharich '03, soprano and Wendy Clymer '05, viola)
2017-18: Jeffrey Kahane ’77, piano
2017-18: Reunion of SFCM's First Five Exchange Students from China (Weigang Li, Paner Ying, Chunming Mo, Jue Yao, Tian Jiang)
2016-17: Brian Thorsett ‘04, tenor
2016-17: Elizabeth Dorman ‘09, piano
2015-16: Ann Moss ‘05, soprano
2015-16: One Great City Duo
2015-16: Christopher Basso ‘04, piano