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Contemporary ChamberImprov for Strings

New Online Summer Programs

Faculty: Aenea Keyes, violin
Ages: 14 – 18
When: June 15 – 18, 2020; Monday – Thursday, 1:00 – 4:00 PM
Tuition: $250
Application Deadline: June 1
Requirements: Advanced players with at least one year of prior chamber music experience or pre-formed chamber ensembles with at least one year of coaching. No previous improv experience is required.

Develop collaborative improvisation skills on your instrument, exploring freedom and imagination through sound. Mindful listening and communication skills are honed towards expressive, spontaneous musical performance. ChamberImprov skills along with a strong connection to both individual and collective creative impulse leads to exciting collaborative opportunities in both traditional and contemporary forms. Offered through a secure supervised Zoom meeting, this experience culminates in an online event for family and friends featuring ChamberImprov works conceived during the workshop.

Sample Daily schedule (1:00 - 4:00 PM)

1:00 Welcome Rally
1:15 Warm-ups
1:30 Mindful Listening and Awareness
1:45 Group Class 1 - Discussion and Techniques: Topics include rehearsal etiquette while improvising, building your team, and ChamberImprov Techniques such as textures, colors, motifs, and the importance of silence
2:15 Break
2:30 Group Class 2 - Exploring available forms
3:00 Breakout rehearsals
3:30 Performance class - presentation of works in progress
3:50 End of Day Rally


Aenea M Keyes (Violinist) is the creator of ChamberImprov. She has premiered her works as violinist-composer and chamber musician in the United States, Europe, Japan, Russia and the UK. Her collaborative work includes performances with visual artists, dance, film, storytelling, museum exhibitions as well as world musicians. Ms. Keyes performs in MusicAEterna with Michael Graham, cello, and Miles Graber, piano. Celebrated for their innovative approach to chamber music, MusicAEterna combines established repertoire and world premieres with their signature ChamberImprov, creating a timely musical dialogue between past eras and contemporary life. Ms. Keyes, a San Francisco native, studied at the SFCM Pre-College and College Divisions before attending Sarah Lawrence College (NY), where she studied with Dorothy DeLay, violin, and Meyer Kupferman, composition and improvisation. In Europe, she studied violin with Daniel Philips at the Prussia Cove International Musician’s Seminar (UK), and graduate studies with Guinka Guichkova, violin, at the National Academy of Music, Sophia (BGR). Teachers and masterclasses include: Kurt Saussmannshaus, Makoto Kaneshiro, Ruth Waterman, Zvi Zeitlin. Ms. Keyes has served on the faculty of the SF Conservatory of Music since 2000.