1. Continuing Education

Continuing Education Certification

SFCM Continuing Education provides professional development opportunities for individuals seeking to enhance their musical experiences and expand their skill set in the arts. Through certification, SFCM Continuing Education is committed to offering avenues for musicians of all levels to further their musical journeys.

Musicianship & Music Theory Certificate

Students who seek a rigorous course of study in musicianship and music theory can elect to work towards a Continuing Education Musicianship & Music Theory Certificate.

Successfully complete the following courses:
Musicianship & Music Theory 1
Musicianship & Music Theory 2
Musicianship & Music Theory 3
Musicianship & Music Theory 4
Receive a passing grade on the Musicianship & Music Theory Certificate Exam after completion of Level 4

Musicianship and music theory courses feature four pillars of study — harmony, form, rhythm, and sight singing and dictation — with the ultimate aim of understanding how a composer’s technique connects to the communicative and emotional power of music. These courses explore how the understanding of musicianship and music theory can enhance a musician’s creativity and interpretive abilities.

For more course information or to register, please visit our classes and ensembles page.

Pro Tools User Certification

SFCM offers industry standard certification in AVID Pro Tools through a 2 week intensive offered in the summers. Students will learn the basic principles needed to complete a Pro Tools project from initial setup to final mixdown. The objective of this course is to prepare students to take two online examinations required to become an AVID "Pro Tools Certified User." Upon successful completion of the final exams, students will receive Pro Tools 12 User Certification.

For more information on the course, or to register, please visit our classes and ensembles page.