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Erica MacLeod, composition


Osher Salon
50 Oak Street, San Francisco, CA 94102
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Erica McLeod
Sinnsear; Three Songs about Love
     I. My love is building a building (E. E. Cummings)
     II. O' were my love (Robert Burns)
     III. Those who don't feel this love (Rūmī)
Yangchunzi Duan, conductor

     I. Opportunity (Ina D. Coolbirth)
     II. Evenfall at the Gate (Ina D. Coolbirth)
     III. Lost City of my love and my desire (Ina D. Coolbirth)
Breanna Miller, mezzo-soprano
John Majić and William Yavornitzky, violin
Larry Joe Williams III, viola
Samuel Hernandez-Yanes, cello

Varying Degrees of Madness; Songs of Infatuation
     I. How long? (Rūmī)
     II. How do I love thee? (Elizabeth Barrett Browning)
     III. Sonnet XVII (Pablo Neruda)
     IV. Color! (Christina Rossetti)
     V. I wait (Rūmī)
Naomi Columna, soprano
Chesley Mok, piano

The Lost Gardens of Heligan
     I. Pleasure Grounds
     II. Butterflies of the Sundial Garden
     III. The Georgian Ride
     IV. Walled Gardens
     V. The Jungle
Ernesto Cabezas, cello

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