Caroline H. Hume Concert Hall performance orchestra full house wide panoramic
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Faculty Centennial Concert


Caroline H. Hume Concert Hall
50 Oak Street, San Francisco, CA 94102
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Free, no tickets or reservations required


Café Crème is open for two hours prior to performance. 


Kenji Oh '14
Yoshitune and the Thousand Cherry Trees—Horikawa Mansion

Stefan Cwik '10*
Sonata for Guitar

Sérgio Assad
Imbricatta for Solo Guitar

Olga Neuwirth '87

Ian Dicke '04

Ryan Brown '05*

Kyle Hovatter '12
under the presence (World Premiere)

Max Stoffregen '08
Black Oak for 9 Clarinets and Live Electronics  

Jon Russell '03
Supra for 9 Clarinets


Giacomo Fiore '09, guitar*
Larry Ferrara, guitar*
Mark Teicholz, guitar*
Jeff Anderle '06, bass clarinet*
Jon Russell '03, bass clarinet
Kevin Tang ’14, bass clarinet
Sophie Huet ’09, bass clarinet
Dan Ferreira ’08, bass clarinet
Haiwen Xu, clarinet
Tian Qin, clarinet
Yijin Wang, clarinet
Ivan Ferguson, clarinet
Zhenyu Wang, clarinet
Sahand Soltani-Nobakht, clarinet
Ayslin Rice, clarinet
Andrew Friedman, bass clarinet
Christian Barazal, bass clarinet
Nicolas Harrington, bass clarinet
Jerry Simas, bass clarinet*                   
Clark Fobes ’83, bass clarinet
Max Stoffregen '08, electronics

* Indicates SFCM faculty