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Hot Air Music Festival


Caroline H. Hume Concert Hall
50 Oak Street, San Francisco, CA 94102
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Now in it's 10th season, the Hot Air Music Festival is a student-organized new music marathon focusing on works written within the last 50 years. Since it's founding in 2009, Hot Air has presented over 87 hours of music, featured musicians from all over the world, including China, Australia, Germany and across the US, and showcased many local, Bay Area artists including Friction Quartet, ZOFO, Ignition Duo, Amaranth Quartet, SopraDuo, Wild Rumpus, Areon Flutes, Guerrilla Composer's Guild, Mobius Trio, New Keys, and The Living Earth Show. 

To celebrate 10 years of Hot Air, our program will be featuring eight of our former Festival Directors, including our three original founders, and will be headlined with a Steve Reich-themed set with Electric Counterpoint, performed by guitarist David Tanenbaum, and one of the most monumental works of the 20th century, Music for 18 Musicians.


Belinda Reynolds
Five Guitar Quartets 
     I. Signals
     II. Heat
     III. Lace
     IV. Glaciers
     V. Beats
David Falacko, Xavier Jara 
David Tanenbaum and John Vidovic, guitar

Steve Reich
Electric Counterpoint
David Tanenbaum, guitar

Steve Reich
Music for 18 Musicians
Taylor Chan, Tin-Yi Chelsea Wong 
Nicholas Pavkovic, and Yunyi Ji, piano
Andrew Friedman and Davis Hampton, clarinet
Lauren Chandler, Naomi Columna 
Marina Davis, and Mia Skolnick, voice
Nicholas Denton-Protsack, cello
Kay Nakazawa, violin
Jimmy Chan, Cameron Denby 
Divesh Karamchandani, Elizabeth Hall, Mika Nakamura 
Tim Padgett, and Brian Shank, percussion