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Hot Air Music Festival


Sol Joseph Recital Hall
50 Oak Street, San Francisco, CA 94102
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Free, no reservations or tickets required


Now in its 10th season, the Hot Air Music Festival is a student-organized new music marathon focusing on works written within the last 50 years. Since its founding in 2009, Hot Air has presented over 87 hours of music, featured musicians from all over the world, including China, Australia, Germany and across the US, and showcased many local, Bay Area artists including Friction Quartet, ZOFO, Ignition Duo, Amaranth Quartet, SopraDuo, Wild Rumpus, Areon Flutes, Guerrilla Composer's Guild, Mobius Trio, New Keys, and The Living Earth Show. 

To celebrate 10 years of Hot Air, our program will be featuring eight of our former Festival Directors, including our three original founders, and will be headlined with a Steve Reich-themed set with Electric Counterpoint, performed by guitarist David Tanenbaum, and one of the most monumental works of the 20th century, Music for 18 Musicians.


Siroko Duo with Helia Music Collective
Tori Hauk and Jessie Nucho, flute


Nicholas Pavkovic
Nicholas Pavkovic, piano
Divesh Karamchandani and Elizabeth Hall, percussion

Michael Kropf
Three Short Pieces for Guitar and Cello
Evan Kahn, cello
Patrick Smith, guitar


Ryan Zwhalen, oboe
Michael Kropf, piano

Nicholas Denton-Protsack
Matrameru for Prepared Viola
Natalia Badziak, viola

Henri Dutilleux
Figures de Resonances pour deux pianos
Lukas Janata and Tinyi Chelsea Wong, piano

David Lang
Press Release
Andrew Friedman, bass clarinet

Elliot Carter
Steep Steps
Andrew Friedman, bass clarinet

David Lang
Orpheus Over and Under
Kelsey Walsh and Rachel Breen, piano 

Julia Barwick
II. Spinning Wildly
Tori Hauk and Jessie Nucho, flute

Izabell Austin
Speed of D arkness
Tori Hauk and Jessie Nucho, flute

Emma Logan
Suite for two Flutes
     III. Sun Machine
Tori Hauk and Jessie Nucho, flute

Sato Matsui
Hop Hop Bunny
Emily Yoshimoto, cello
Joey Chang, piano

Jacob Rodgers
Three Truths
Phoebe Wu, piano

Erica MacLeod
Varying degrees of madness; songs of infatuation
Naomi Columna, soprano
Chesley Mok, piano

Loren Jones
Na Pali 
Loren Jones, piano
Lite Pan, double bass
Collin Boltz, Andy Meyerson
Megan Shieh-Cruz, percussion