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Piano Talks with Warren Jones, piano


Caroline H. Hume Concert Hall
50 Oak Street, San Francisco, CA 94102
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The Role of the Piano and the Pianist in Classical Songs

Join conductor, pianist, and renowned operatic vocal coach Warren Jones (and special guests) for a discussion of the role of the piano and the pianist in classical song literature. Mr. Jones will focus on the poetic aspects of composition – how moods, situations, settings, and contexts echo and evoke a range of image and form.

About Piano Talks

In its inaugural year, Piano Talks looks to the nineteenth century, when the piano swept into homes, concert halls, and entertainment venues of all stripes, reaching vast new audiences and becoming central to music education.

While the piano achieved unprecedented visibility in the public sphere during this period, our speakers and performers will look at something more intimate: repertoire for the home and salon — Lieder (Warren Jones), four-hand piano music (Robert Greenberg and ZOFO Duet), and private music (Scott Foglesong).

For more information on the series: http://pulppublishing.com/pianotalks