Peter Wahrhaftig
  1. Faculty

Peter Wahrhaftig

Coach, Tuba


  • Brass Chamber Music


  • BM, Northwestern University


  • San Francisco Ballet, Principal
  • San Francisco Contemporary Chamber Players
  • Sun Valley Summer Symphony
  • Skywalker Symphony Orchestra
  • The Bay Brass, Founding Member

What is your hometown?

Oakland, CA

What are you passionate about outside of music?

Spending time with my family, spending time in nature, and political discussions.

Who were your major teachers?

Floyd Cooley and Arnold Jacobs.

What question do you wish students would ask sooner rather than later?

“How can I make the world a better place through music?”

What was the defining moment when you decided to pursue music as a career?

Hearing the Chicago Symphony make transcendent music convinced me that this was a worthwhile pursuit.

What was a turning point in your career?

Becoming a member of the National Repertory Orchestra (then the Colorado Philharmonic) and playing great music with enthusiastic and talented fellow students.

If you weren't a musician or teacher, what do you think you would be doing now?

Something to do with advocating for environmental issues… a scientist or attorney most likely.

What is your daily practice routine?

My ideal (minimal) practice routine consists of slow arpeggios emphasizing tonal production and use of breath, followed by a short, rotating suite of movements from pieces by Bach. This tunes my brain.

What are your most important collaborations?

Being a founding member and co-organizer of The Bay Brass, being a long-time member of the SF Ballet Orchestra negotiating committee (with the goal of helping to enable the orchestra to musically thrive), and teaching at various institutions, including the SFCM.

What recordings can we hear you on?

Sound the Bells!, Harmonia Mundi
Bruckner's 4th Symphony, London
Mahler's 2nd Symphony, London
Sylvia, Reference Recordings.

What is your unrealized project?

A summer brass chamber music intensive in the Bay Area.