1. Giving

Hear from Our Donors

Discover what inspires our donors. The rewards of giving have never been greater.

  • The Adas

    John H. Moore and Arnold (Mac) McGilbray Jr.

    "As Conservatory Society and Ada Clement Legacy Society members, we are happy knowing that we can contribute to the growth and development of these young artists. Their performances enrich our lives immeasurably."

  • The Faculty Member

    Corey Jamason, Historical Performance Chair and Co-Director of the Conservatory Baroque Ensemble

    "As a member of the SFCM faculty, I work closely with our incredible students. Every single day they give their hearts and souls to developing their craft and their artistry. So it’s personally meaningful that I support them through a contribution to the general scholarship fund."

  • The Alumnus

    Eleazar Rodriguez ’10

    "My teacher at SFCM, César Ulloa, who is one of the best in the industry, gave me the strong technical base and support to build a successful singing career. SFCM played a huge role in my development as a singer and as a person. There are so many talented people out there. I want them to have the same opportunities I’ve had."

  • The Parent

    Maria Shim

    "I'm a Pre-College parent of two young sons and a Pre-College alumna of nine years. It was the most formative experience of my youth, where I learned the importance of achieving excellence through technical mastery and how to express myself through music. SFCM provided me with a well-rounded foundation and fostered my love of music."