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Domingo Esteso 1930

Domingo Esteso

1930, Madrid

Top: Spruce

Back & Sides: Rosewood

Another gifted luthier to emerge from the workshop of Manuel Ramirez, Domingo Esteso (1882-1937), is perhaps more identified today with his flamenco guitars (usually, but not always made of cypress) which were in great demand during and after his lifetime. But this distinction would not have been relevant to Esteso himself as the difference between flamenco and classical evolved well after his death in 1937. His “classical” rosewood guitars, compared to the more aggressive-sounding concert guitars of his former shop mate, Santos Hernández, have a sweeter, mellower tone.

According to Italian guitarist Stefano Grondona, Estesos have an almost antique quality that evokes an earlier era identified more directly with Torres. This particular Esteso perfectly blends a quick flamenco-like attack with the maker’s characteristically serene, almost meditative tone.

1930 Domingo Esteso guitar label


1930 Domingo Esteso guitar rosette


1930 Domingo Esteso guitar front


1930 Domingo Esteso guitar back