Guitars in the John Harris Collection

René Lacote

1830, Paris

Top: Spruce

Back & Sides: Satinwood

Paris luthier Pierre René Lacote (c1785-c1868) built guitars for the leading guitarists of his era, including Napoléon Coste, Dionisio Aguado and Fernando Sor. It is sometimes claimed that Lacote’s guitars fall somewhere between the Spanish-and Viennese-style guitars of the era, but it would be more accurate to say that Lacote’s instruments reflect the early to mid-19th century French guitars made in Mirecourt, a center of French instrument making located near France’s eastern border with Germany. Lacote guitars, often displaying experimental features suggested by the players performing on them, have a bright sound and quick response. According to the English scholar, James Westbrook, this Lacote,with its experimental double soundboard, second rear sound hole and adjustable neck may have belonged to Aguado himself or, at least, to one of his pupils. For its size, the projection of the guitar is extraordinary and can be heard clearly even in large performance spaces. It was considered by many to be one of the highlights of Guitarrada VII in 2013. And it’s obviously an ideal “period” instrument for performing early 19th century romantic guitar repertoire.

1830 Rene Lacote guitar label


1830 Rene Lacote rosette


1830 Rene Lacote bridge


front of 1830 Rene Lacote guitar


side of 1830 Rene Lacote guitar


back of 1830 Rene Lacote guitar