David Stull Talks Opus 3 on Arts Engines

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Some takeaways from the Chat

In a virtual conversation with Aaron Dworkin from Arts Engines, President David Stull recalls the story behind SFCM’s recent acquisition of Opus 3 Artists. Below are some key takeaways from the discussion. Scroll down for the full video.

SFCM and Opus 3 are helping to continue the future of music.

“In the absence of a large management company, it’s very hard to onboard new artists.”

Boutique managers don’t always have the bandwidth to take on younger artists who are just starting out in the business. Securing Opus 3’s future (amidst the uproar of the pandemic with other large management companies like CAMI ceasing operations) offers new artists (like SFCM students) a continued shot at growing their careers.

The Opus 3 acquisition was born out of San Francisco’s spirit.

“All conservatories live in the communities in which they serve.”

A tech capital as well as a short car or train ride away from Silicon Valley, San Francisco is all about innovation and shaking things up. Many of the donors, leadership, and members of the SFCM community who made the Opus 3 acquisition possible are no strangers to the idea of bringing companies together to build a joint future together. When everyone saw the great opportunity Opus 3 could become for the entire SFCM ecosystem, there was no question about acting on that opportunity.

Opus 3 artists and SFCM students benefit from open collaboration.

Through the alliance, Opus 3 artists have the opportunity to advance their own work through commissions from composers, undertake new recording projects, and test new ideas in collaboration with colleagues. The alliance will allow Opus 3 artists to visit San Francisco, reside in the Bowes Center, and experiment with new ideas. It gives space to artists who are being managed to collaborate with and create new work with young composers (read more about how the alliance enhances the student experience).

The apprentice program is the bridge between the two companies.

Opus 3 Artists and SFCM will develop a global program to identify the leading artists of tomorrow. Fully funded and based in San Francisco at the Bowes Center, these artists will be mentored and presented on occasion by Opus 3, and work closely with artists from within the profession toward the goal of a career in the performing arts sector. This is an incredible opportunity for an emerging artist as well as minimizes the risk to managers. SFCM will fund the resources for the apprentice, while Opus 3 will provide the career opportunities.

See below for the full chat and to hear more about what Opus 3 and SFCM will bring to the world—together.

Watch President Stull’s talk with Arts Engines.