SFCM statement on Verdict in Trial of Derek Chauvin

50 Oak Street

Dear Colleagues:

While today’s verdict related to the murder of George Floyd brings one moment in this nation’s long history of systemic racism to a close, we are still only beginning the long road to justice. We continue to witness the tragic death and suffering of Black Americans.

In the anguish and grief we feel, we are reminded of how far we must travel together.

In the midst of these challenges, there remains the ongoing opportunity to support one another and embrace our conviction to learn, listen, and work for a more equitable campus and country.

As artists it is important to mark this day. We should reflect on the many individuals needlessly lost, while acknowledging our obligation to change our communities through our work, our values, and our limitless capacity to bring beauty into the lives of others.

Harnessing music to inspire compassion, justice, and joy is our shared mission, and through this work we will change our world for the better.

David H. Stull