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PDEC Ultrasound Workshop


Classroom 507
50 Oak Street, San Francisco, CA 94102

Tongue Confessions: Ultrasound Workshop

Woodwind and brass players as well as vocalists all must use the tongue for various aspects of performance, whether for articulation or altering the resonance characteristics of the vocal tract to produce different vowels. The tongue presents unique pedagogical problems, particularly for woodwind and brass players, simply because it cannot be seen directly during performance. Many studies have succeeded in demystifying tongue movement during performance and speech; however, we still face the problem of translating those results into useful pedagogical tools. The underlying problem is that few of us can accurately describe what our tongues are doing, even during speech. Ultrasound provides a vehicle by which the musician’s tongue can confess its transgressions and reveal its functional role in performance in real-time, while being non-invasive and safe for diagnostic/feedback use.