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Pre-College Composition Recital


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Performed from Sol Joseph Recital Hall


Live Stream

Featuring the Telegraph String Quartet

Eric Chin and Joseph Maile, violins
Pei-Ling Lin, viola
Jeremiah Shaw, cello


Wilson Chen (b. 2007)
A short piece in F-Sharp Minor for violin and cello    

Jordan Hendrickson (b. 2003)
Duo for Violins 
     I. Murky
     II. Ethereal
     III. Lively

Hillary Zhu (b. 2005)
Montana Rusa De La Vida for string trio

Connor Roham (b. 2006)
Balkan Rhapsody for string trio 

Joshua McCormick (b. 2002)
Senioritis for string trio    

Joey O’Neill (b. 2003)
Passacaglia for string trio

Alistair Wen (b. 2007)
<Insert title here> for string quartet

Lincoln Frankel (b. 2006)
Behind the Scenes for string quartet    

Alexander Guess (b. 2003)
Canzonetta in D Major for string quartet    

Siddharth Pant (b. 2004)
Dodecahedron for string quartet    

Zak Mustille (b. 2003)
Lament in F Sharp Minor for string quartet    

Alex Yang (b. 2003)
Looking Forwards for solo violin    

Emile Serper (b. 2002)
Exoscape for string quartet