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RJAM Side-by-Side Concert


Caroline H. Hume Concert Hall
50 Oak Street, San Francisco, CA 94102
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Free, reservations recommended


RJAM Side-By-Side concert features SFCM’s Roots, Jazz and American Music (RJAM) students alongside SFCM faculty members Clairdee, Edward Simon, Matt Wilson, Chad Lefkowitz-Brown ,Matthew Brewer and Mike Rodrigez performing originals and jazz standards developed during a three-day residency.


The program will be announced from the stage.


Ensemble 1
Mike Rodrigez, trumpet **
Jason Hyashi, tenor saxophone
Charles Blagrove, trombone
Amelie Hinman, percussion and voice
Matthew Brewer, bass **
Samantha Rosselot, drums

Ensemble 2
Chad Lefkowitz-Brown, tenor saxophone **
Carter Eng, trumpet
Alec Streete, vibraphone
Andrew Weitz, piano
Max Young, bass
Gavin Harris, drums

Ensemble 3
Aidan Siemann, tenor saxophone
Lola Miller-Henline, bass
Matthew Gamboa, guitar
Cris Carrera, bass
Johncarlo Ogrady, drums
Matt Wilson, drums**

Ensemble 4
Clairdee, voice** 
Jayden Clark, saxophone
Jeff Wagner, guitar
Edward Simon, piano**
Knox Barber, bass
Julian Archer,drums

** denotes Faculty member

Departments and Faculty Involved with This Event

Roots, Jazz, and American Music