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Summer Programs

Online Summer Programs

Pre-College Summer programs provide opportunities for young musicians to continue their musical studies throughout the Summer. We are pleased to announce our virtual summer classes for 2021. If you have any questions, please contact Laura Reynolds at

  • Careers in Music

    Careers in Music - Strategies for Success

    This course will give you the tools to succeed in a competitive workplace and learn about your career options. Classes begin June 28

  • Intro to imrpv

    Introduction to Improvisation

    Learn how to improvise on your instrument and discover your unlocked potential for creativity through jazz, contemporary classical and baroque styles of improvisation. Classes begin July 12

  • intro to music comp

    Introduction to Music Composition

    Apply the principles of harmony to create beautiful chord progressions, compose amazing melodies and sticky rhythms to play them in your computer, at the piano, or in your preferred music instrument. Classes begin June 21 and July 12

  • Gilbert and Sullivan Scenes

    Gilbert and Sullivan Scenes

    Explore the "Topsy-Turvy" world of unforgettable melodies, ingenious lyrics, and wacky storylines! Applications accepted until further notice.

  • Pre-College student playing guitar

    Guitar Skills

    Take your guitar skills to the next level in this fun and intensive guitar class. Apply by June 1

  • Harp Camp

    Harp Camp

    Hone your musical skills and connect with other young harpists from the comfort of your own home. Classes begin July 19

  • close up of a piano

    Piano Seminar: Bach’s Well Tempered Clavier

    Intended for serious students with at least 3 years of study who have an interest in the music of J.S. Bach. Apply by May 1, or Register Now as an auditor

  • wires and computers used by TAC students

    Programming and Coding for Composers

    Get into coding to create sound and music! Learn to generate and present your musical ideas through your computer or using your preferred digital audio workstation. Classes begin July 12

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