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From the smallest question to the biggest idea, we’re listening and we’re ready to help. Visit our office to take the next steps in advancing your career. Subjects we teach include writing for grants, resumes, bios, and cover letters; creating websites and understanding the basics of graphic design; discovering your personal brand; and forming press kits and marketing strategies.

  • Rachael Smith

    Director of Professional Development and Engagement Center

    Rachael Smith is dedicated to increasing access to music and music education. In 2014 she founded Composed, a youth organization focused on fostering a personal connection to music through songwriting. She served as the head of the Vail Jazz Festival’s volunteer program, which helped bring over 200 performances to Vail, Colorado in Summer 2016. Smith has also taught youth literacy classes, collegiate-level Spanish, and music theory. A Phi Beta Kappa and summa cum laude graduate, Smith earned a BA in Music Composition from Dickinson College.

  • Danielle Cheiken

    Community Engagement Manager