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The Future is Female


Osher Salon
50 Oak Street, San Francisco, CA 94102
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Come join us for a free concert celebrating women in music and technology! Women composers are continuously underrepresented in concert music programming. According to the Composer Diversity Database, only 8.2% of the average symphony orchestra's programmed music for the 2019-2020 season was composed by a woman. We are also underrepresented in the field of technology; according to NowSourcing, while women make up over half of the workforce, they hold fewer than 20% of all jobs in tech. The Technology and Applied Composition department lays at the intersection of these two fields, music and tech, as a hope of bringing these two together; using technology to inspire new ways of creating and performing music, and using music and creativity to breathe life into modern technology. Looking towards the future, we believe that it is necessary to shed the culture of gender exclusion from both fields. For women to achieve equality in our society, it is imperative that our voices are heard. This concert brings together female TAC students with established composers to present our works to you in celebration of our existence as artists and women in tech, and in hopes that we can provide a better understanding of our stories.