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Collegiate Apply / Request Information


Collegiate Apply / Request Information

We empower the world's most forward-thinking musicians.

At SFCM, we are lifelong leaders and learners. As a professional music school, we are committed to providing an extraordinary education that prepares you to pursue fully engaged lives as citizens of the world. Our core mission is to transform our students: artistically, intellectually, professionally, and individually. When you start your application, you will be guided through the process by the Office of Admissions. Apply today to start your performance of a lifetime!

Applications now open for 2024-2025!

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the horn section plays during a performance


Aspire for beauty. Own the moment.

Degrees and Programs
Brass Bachelor of Music Brass Master of Music Brass Professional Studies Certificate
Instruments and Disciplines
Horn Trombone Trumpet Tuba
Learn more about Brass
a student sits at a desk writing notes on a score


Write the music you dreamed of.

Degrees and Programs
Composition Bachelor of Music Composition Master of Music
Learn more about Composition
edwin outwater conducting during a performance, he is about to give a strong downbeat


Unlimited possibility at the tip of your baton.

Degrees and Programs
Conducting Master of Music Conducting Professional Studies Certificate
Learn more about Conducting
a guitarist plays sitting along the sea wall, with the beach behind him


Six strings of artistry

Degrees and Programs
Bachelor of Music in Guitar Master of Music in Guitar Professional Studies Certificate in Guitar
Learn more about Guitar
 a student playing a historical instrument in the concert hall

Historical Performance

Getting to the root of it all.

Degrees and Programs
Harpsichord Bachelor of Music Harpsichord Master of Music Baroque Violin Master of Music Baroque Viola Master of Music Baroque Cello Master of Music Viola da Gamba Master of Music Baroque Violin Professional Studies Certificate Baroque Viola Professional Studies Certificate Historical Keyboards Professional Studies Certificate Baroque Voice Professional Studies Certificate
Instruments and Disciplines
Baroque Cello Baroque Viola Baroque Violin Baroque Voice Harpsichord Historical Keyboards Viola da Gamba
Learn more about Historical Performance
a timpani player watches the conductor in a dress rehearsal


Time begins with rhythm.

Degrees and Programs
Percussion Bachelor of Music Percussion Master of Music Percussion Professional Studies Certificate
Learn more about Percussion
a pianist performs a concerto with the orchestra


From black and white to a universe of color.

Degrees and Programs
Keyboard Bachelor of Music Keyboard Master of Music Keyboard Professional Studies Certificate Keyboard Artist Diploma in Piano
Instruments and Disciplines
Collaborative Piano Organ Piano
Learn more about Keyboard
string quartet stands and laughs in a park with the golden gate in the background


Play with fire.

Degrees and Programs
Strings Bachelor of Music Strings Master of Music Strings Professional Studies Certificate
Instruments and Disciplines
Cello Double Bass Harp Viola Violin
Learn more about Strings
a student in studio A

Technology and Applied Composition

A versatile, hands-on program to compose, design, and engineer.

Degrees and Programs
TAC Bachelor of Music TAC Master of Music TAC Professional Studies Certificate
Learn more about Technology and Applied Composition
the woodwind section during a performance


Where excellence meets artistry

Degrees and Programs
Woodwinds Bachelor of Music Woodwinds Master of Music Woodwinds Professional Studies Certificate
Instruments and Disciplines
Bassoon Clarinet Flute Oboe
Learn more about Woodwinds
voice workshop in osher salon

Voice / Opera Studies

Your voice, inspired by the best.

Degrees and Programs
Bachelor of Music in Voice Master of Music in Voice Professional Studies Certificate in Voice Artist Diploma in Opera Studies in Voice
Instruments and Disciplines
Opera and Musical Theatre
Learn more about Voice / Opera Studies

How to Apply

It's a big step, we know, and we're here for you. Apply now online, request more information, or learn about our audition and application process.

Visit Us

Join us for an in-person tour, watch a virtual tour, or schedule a call for more information about the campus and the Hayes Valley neighborhood.

Auditions & Repertoire

You'll be great. Check out this page for all repertoire requirements and deadlines for your major. Some Instruments and Majors may require a prescreening video.

Financial Aid and Affordability

At SFCM, we understand that college is a substantial investment. We're here to help, and we're committed to working with you to achieve the education you desire. 99% of our students receive financial aid at an average rate of 57% tuition discount.


SFCM has some of the most advanced, meticulously tuned facilities of any music conservatory. Check out our virtual tours and list of facilities here.

Meet Admissions

We've been in your shoes: We have all been through the college application process and are here to help you! Click here to find out how to get in contact with our office.

Learn More About Life at SFCM

Meet Admissions

Lisa Nickels headshot

Lisa Nickels

Director of Admissions

After living and studying in multiple cities in the United States, I moved to San Francisco to work at SFCM in the Office of the Provost & Dean, then transitioned to the Office of Admissions in 2017. As an oboist (BM, Eastman School of Music) with many interests, I enjoy seeing how SFCM faculty and life in the Bay Area enable our students to explore the different opportunities for careers in music. I look forward to getting to know our new students who will shape and expand music around the world.

Abby Bush headshot

Abby Bush

Admissions Counselor

Schedule a Call with Abby

Originally from Los Angeles, I came to San Francisco to pursue a master's degree in vocal performance at SFCM. After finishing my degree (MM '22), I was lucky enough to join the incredible admissions team. I now enjoy supporting and encouraging applicants as they consider becoming members of our amazing and passionate community. I look forward to helping out incoming students as they make their way to the beautiful city of San Francisco.