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Transfer Students

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Applying to SFCM

Undergraduate students who want to transfer to the Conservatory must show evidence of a satisfactory academic record at all institutions of higher education and secondary schools attended, and are required to submit official transcripts from all previous and current institutions.

The class level of an undergraduate transfer student is determined by the Office of Academic Affairs at the time of acceptance into SFCM.

Accepted Transfer Credits

Undergraduate students can receive transfer credit for courses in the Humanities and Sciences (HMS) area, provided the student received a grade of C or better and the course is ruled an appropriate substitute for a SFCM course, as determined by the Office of Academic Affairs.

Credit from completed Associate's (A.A.) degrees can be applied to the SFCM undergraduate credit load, pending approval by the Office of Academic Affairs.

Non-Transferrable Credits

SFCM does not grant transfer credit for music-related classes. However, the student’s performance during academic placement exams may exempt them from some required coursework. Unlike first-time, non-transfer students, credits from that exempted coursework will be applied towards the credit total/degree requirements for a transfer student’s program. SFCM may recommend a student complete summer coursework in Humanities at an outside insitution.

Credit from completed Bachelor's degrees cannot be applied towards the SFCM undergraduate credit load. SFCM does not accept transfer credit for, or from, post-baccalaureate programs (e.g., M.M., etc.).

The musical level of a transfer student is determined by the faculty at the time of the student's audition (e.g., sophomore, junior, etc.). The academic level is determined by the Office of Academic Affairs based on transfer credits and placement exam results. The student’s expected graduation date is determined by the lower of the two class levels. (Required credits per class level.)

AP and IB Credits

SFCM grants credit for certain AP and IB exams. AP scores must be 4 or 5 for College Writing and 3 or better for other HMS requirements (specific degree requirements). AP English, including AP English Language Composition and AP English Literature Composition, can substitute for HMS 110-111 College Writing. Passing one of these with a 4 or 5 will substitute for HMS 110; passing both will substitute for HMS 110 and 111. IB scores of 5 or higher will also be accepted, according to the policies described above. AP and IB scores in music-related subjects are not accepted as transfer credits. In order to receive credit, an official AP and IB score report, as well as a final official transcript, must be sent to SFCM by July 1.

Financial Aid Consideration

All applicants, including transfer applicants, are equally considered for SFCM scholarship. Accepted transfer applicants should be in touch with the Office of Financial Aid with any questions regarding their financial aid.


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