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Make music with your peers as a collaborative piano major.

We offer piano students who want to learn the art of accompaniment and ensemble performance a special place in our keyboard department. The collaborative piano program is designed to ready the next generation of pianists for a life playing music in groups. This graduate-level degree track is offered to only a few select students.

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Exclusive instruction

SFCM and Opus 3 alliance
SFCM recently acquired Opus3 Artists, giving conservatory students a direct link to some of the most successful artists worldwide and inviting limitless opportunities for connection and collaboration.
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We’re waiting to show you around.

We look forward to your visit! Contact the Office of Admission to take a tour of our facilities and audit a class. You can also contact the keyboard faculty directly to arrange a consultative lesson.

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Qualify yourself for the future.

A detailed curriculum is available for the collaborative piano music degrees at SFCM.

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Play well with others.

Performance opportunities abound at SFCM. Ensembles featuring piano in a collaborative context range from chamber groups to large ensembles.