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Composition Auditions


All composition applicants are required to submit notated scores and recordings of those pieces fulfilling the prescreening requirements listed below with the application. Applicants will be informed if they are invited to attend an audition or have been denied in prescreening.

For all Composition applicants:

  • You will need to demonstrate your piano proficiency at the final audition. You do not need to upload piano recordings for prescreening.
  • If piano is not your primary instrument, you still need to fulfill the piano proficiency at the final audition, but may also perform or submit recordings of you performing on your primary instrument.


Three or more original scores and recordings of each of those pieces. Recordings may be audio only or audiovisual. MIDI recordings are acceptable in exceptional cases, but acoustic performances are strongly recommended.

Notated scores must show evidence of original musical thought, along with the fundamentals of compositional technique. While electronic compositions are acceptable, applicants must also demonstrate competence with traditional notation in the scores submitted. Computer-generated scores should be checked for correct transpositions, appropriate accidentals, and normal spellings.

Final Audition

  • Be prepared to discuss your composition scores and recordings with the faculty.
  • Performance of three piano works or movements on piano or a keyboard from any three of the following periods. Works do not need to be performed in entirety. The total performance time of repertoire should be 5-10 minutes.
    • Baroque
    • Classical
    • Romantic
    • 20th/21st Century (When choosing the 20th/21st Century category, the applicant is encouraged to perform one of their own original compositions.)


For audition dates, please visit Auditions.

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