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COVID-19 Information

During these challenging times, SFCM has continued to provide students with a first-class education, consistently adapting with a creative, Bay Area spirit.

Learn how we are providing our students with safe instruction, health and tuition support, free testing, and continued performance opportunities.

Recent Updates -- 6.15.21

With the issuance of new state and city guidelines as California continues its reopening process, SFCM is updating its protocols related to COVID-19 safety. Accordingly, starting on June 15, 2021:

  • The SFCM community is no longer required to complete the Daily Symptom Check before entering the SFCM campus, nor will security request proof that the check is complete. Faculty, students and staff must still show an SFCM-issued ID badge for entry.
  • SCFM will discontinue use of the Everbridge Contact Tracer phone application.
Once the state advises that vaccinated employees are no longer required to wear masks in the office, which is expected as of June 17, 2021, the following policies will apply:
  • Employees working in their own offices in suites 408, 414, PDEC, and the library will no longer be required to wear masks so long as they are fully vaccinated against COVID-19.
  • Masks will be required in the atrium, classrooms, and performance spaces at SFCM's 50 Oak Street building through the summer to protect our community and visiting students, instructors, artists, and others.
While we anticipate welcoming in-person attendance for live performances at our 50 Oak Street halls this fall and at the new Bowes Center in the spring of 2022, we will continue to review guidance as it relates to concert venues and will make additional adjustments as needed.

We are thankful for your help in keeping our community healthy!


SFCM COVID-19 Vaccination Policy

SFCM is committed to restoring our immersive, in-person educational experience in fall 2021 to the extent permitted by federal, state, and local health directives. To achieve this goal and ensure the health and safety of our community, full vaccination against COVID-19 by all who are eligible to receive the vaccine will be required as a condition of studying, working, and/or living on campus beginning in the 2021 fall semester. This requirement will apply to all students and employees of SFCM.

COVID-19 vaccination should be completed no later than two weeks prior to arrival at SFCM for fall semester. SFCM will look to guidance by federal health authorities to determine which COVID-19 vaccines, other than the three that are currently authorized for use in the United States, will be accepted to meet SFCM's vaccination requirement. Accommodations will be made and assistance provided for individuals who are unable to access an authorized vaccine prior to their arrival at SFCM.

Medical and non-medical requests for exemptions to this policy will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

SFCM is committed to maintaining the privacy of student and employee information related to COVID-19 vaccination. Collegiate students should direct their questions to Jason Smith, Associate Dean for Student Affairs; Pre-College students and their families and Continuing Education students should direct their questions to Michael Roest, Associate Dean and Executive Director of the Pre-College and Continuing Education Division; and all faculty and staff should direct their questions to Michael Patterson, Associate Vice President of Human Resources and Administration.


In response to more favorable conditions in the San Francisco Bay Area with regard to COVID-19, a dramatic increase in the number of people who have completed the vaccination process, and in accordance with the newest directives from the SFDPH, students and faculty who are two weeks past the completion of their COVID-19 vaccination process may hold in-person lessons, indoors, provided they adhere to the regulations below:

  • Voice lessons can occur with masks on and physical distancing (12 feet according to SFDPH guidelines).
  • Wind lessons can occur with masks on, covers on bells, and physical distancing (12 feet according to SFDPH guidelines). Masks may have openings to accommodate embouchures (this is an SFDPH requirement).
  • Ensemble rehearsals and performances, as well as student recitals can all occur indoors under the above guidelines.
  • Any community member or guest artist who can show proof of full vaccination will no longer be required to quarantine.


We are now able to accommodate guests for student recitals because of Covid-19 improvements in the Bay Area, including vaccines, and your help in following SFCM's safety protocols. As the situation changes, we'll adjust this policy to either allow for more or fewer guests.

  • Only your teacher, direct family members and members of your household can attend your recital in the hall. This should be no more than a few people total.
  • There will be specific seating areas designated for your recital guests.
  • Guests must wear face masks at all times, and remain socially distanced, including in the hall.
  • Guests must be in the Bay Area for at least 10 days prior to your recital date.
  • Guests must be approved in advance.
  • Please email Production@sfcm.edu at least a week in advance of your recital date with the names of any guests that you would like to have attend your recital.
  • Here's the hard part: Guests cannot applaud at any time during the recital. Your recital will still be streamed live so that you can reach a larger audience, but any guests attending your recital in-person are doing so as your guests and not as an audience.


The San Francisco Department of Public Health (SFDPH) has ordered revisions to the directive for Institutions of Higher Education

  • In-person private lessons, with teacher and student in the same room, can resume again for masked musicians: strings, keyboards, percussion, harp, etc.
  • In-person piano and chamber music coachings can also resume with faculty in the same room as students, provided they follow social distancing standards and maximum room capacities.
  • Performance classes (for instruments that can mask) in large classrooms and performance halls can resume with faculty in the same space as students, provided the follow social distancing standards and maximum room capacities.
  • Woodwind, brass and voice group rehearsals can take place, unmasked, again on the outdoor terrace.
  • The health order has not changed yet for singers and wind players, but we will let you know if and when it does.

Covid-19 By The Numbers*

Tests administered
to SFCM students, faculty, and staff
Positive cases from tests administered
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* Data reported as of 4.22.21