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SFCM to Offer Bachelor of Music Concentrations

As part of its holistic curriculum, the Conservatory will offer Bachelor of Music students the option to pursue a concentration in arts leadership, teaching, or technology.

April 15, 2022 by Mark Taylor

A change is coming for some SFCM graduates and their transcripts. 

Starting in fall 2022, the Conservatory will offer optional bachelor of music concentrations in arts leadership, teaching, and technology. 

SFCM strives to educate students to succeed in any path they choose as artists, intellectuals, professionals, and individuals. These concentrations serve as an opportunity for students to focus on an area of interest and build a larger skillset. Once completed, concentrations will be indicated on transcripts and visible to future employers and graduate programs. 

SFCM clarinet player Melissa Everson is interested in a concentration in technology because of passion for audio and studio work. “I discovered this passion of mine senior year of high school and have been curious as to how to go about learning more,” she said. “I think expanding my musical toolbox is one of the motivations I have for learning tech. I know it can help me on the job market and make me a well-rounded and accountable musician.”

Each concentration requires 12 credits, which may include those applied to a degree such as PDV, TAC, and/or general electives. To add a concentration, students must submit a concentration declaration form to the registrar by December 1 of their sophomore year at the latest. Current SFCM students can retroactively apply completed coursework towards a concentration when applicable.

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