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Voice Student Joining Houston Grand Opera as Studio Artist

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Alissa Goretsky will join the opera house as one of its Sarah and Ernest Butler Houston Grand Opera Studio Artists.

March 25, 2024 by Mark Taylor

"Let's just see what happens."

That's what Alissa Goretsky said to herself when she first applied to compete in Houston Grand Opera's 2024 Concert of Arias last year, little did she know it would change her life forever. 

Goretsky won third place in the competition, and was also invited to join the opera house as one of its studio artists, leaving her ecstatic to say the least, "It was just like, I feel like I accomplished something that was just so far out of reach as a student. It was just like six months of anxiety, lifted off my chest," she said.

At SFCM Goretsky has been studying with her teacher César Ulloa since she was 17 years old. The longtime SFCM faculty member coached her through the competition in Houston over facetime, "Every time I had to sing, I warmed up with César. He was very invested and very supportive. He is the greatest teacher ever," Goretsky said. 

"They asked for three arias. That is about 27 minutes of singing on that stage, and it was the best moment of my life," she added. 

Founded in 1977 HGO's Butler studio is one of the most respected emerging artist programs in the world. As part of the studio, Goretsky and other artists will live in Houston from August through May. Over a residency of up to three years, Butler Studio artists undergo specialized training in voice, movement, and languages. She will also perform in various roles with the Houston Grand Opera during its regular season. 

It's an opportunity Goretsky has dreamed of, "Out of all the no's I got this year, this was my one yes, and it is what is right for me, right now," Goretsky continued, "Everything happens for a reason," she added. She will move to Houston this August to begin. 

The now 24-year-old soprano has spent a long time at SFCM, and credits it for helping make her who she is, "César has been there through all of this, and Heather and everyone in the Opera program, they've all been crucial to me and my growth as a person, and as a performer." 

While she will miss her SFCM family, she is also prepared and thrilled to take her next step, "I love César, and everyone in the program so much, but I know that can do this, because I know how to work with people," Goretsky continued, "I think that's something that SFCM does that a lot of schools don't. It gives you this many people in your corner that help you adapt to your environment really easily." 

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