SFCM Student playing Harpsichord
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Harpsichord / Organ Auditions


There is no prescreening requirement for harpsichord applicants.



  • One J.S. Bach French suite or other dance suite of Bach or two preludes and fugues from The Well-Tempered Clavier
  • One movement of a composer of the English Virginalist school or a work by a French baroque composer
  • One Scarlatti sonata


  • One work of the English Virginalist school or a toccata of Frescobaldi or Froberger
  • One major work of J.S. Bach (e.g. an English Suite or Partita, Chromatic Fantasy and Fugue, Italian Concerto, Overture in B Minor, or another large work)
  • One suite by one of the following composers: L. Couperin, D'Anglebert, Froberger, F. Couperin, or Rameau


We are not currently accepting applications for Organ.


For audition dates, please visit Auditions.

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