SFCM Students Take A Stand With Music

50 Oak Street

SFCM students hold a pop-up performance in support of Asian American and Pacific Islander Communities

Music is universal. It brings us opportunities to learn together, laugh together, cry together, celebrate together—and even sometimes take a stand together.

SFCM students are experiencing music’s power today, April 19, by performing pop-up style in San Francisco’s Washington Square Park to take a stand against recent violence towards Asian American Pacific Islander communities. Park-goers and passersby are encouraged to visit sfcm.edu/TakeAMusicStand for resources and to donate to organizations that support AAPI communities.

For resources, visit StopAAPIHate.org/actnow.
Connect with the Chinese Culture Center of San Francisco (@cccsanfrancisco) for resources to support Chinatown.
The National Asian Pacific American Bar Association provides Hate Crime Resources and Pro Bono Legal information.

SFCM Statement about violence against AAPI Community

We support you.

The contributions to society by those who identify as Asian, Asian American, or Pacific Islander are cause for pride and celebration – particularly at SFCM, in San Francisco, and within the performing arts.

Especially in moments of violence and racism, including those that have increased in recent months, we denounce hatred in all its forms and stand in solidarity with our Asian, Asian American, and Pacific Islander community near and far.

You are welcome here and you belong here.

We believe that one of the greatest gifts of music is that it teaches us to listen. In turn, we learn and we grow. At SFCM, we take pride in learning from our AAPI faculty and students alike and embrace the gifts that their cultures bring to our school and beyond it.

#StopAsianHate #StopAAPIHate