Winners of the 5th Annual Kristin Pankonin Award

Jarron Carlson ’22

Jarron Carlson ’22, Lindsay Martin ’22, and Collin Jinks ’22 receive $3,000 commission to collaborate on a new work.

Composer Jarron Carlson (BM ’22), singer Lindsay Martin (BM ’22) and pianist Collin Jinks (BM ’21) are the winners of the fifth annual Kristin Pankonin Award.

Kristin was a beloved collaborative pianist at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music who died in 2014. She had a passion for collaborating with composers and performers to create and perform new works. Because of this, friends, family, and fans established a fund in her honor to support the creation of vocal music at the Conservatory each year.

The award of $3,000 is a commission to be given to a currently enrolled student composer, singer, and pianist to work together to create an extended vocal work or set of songs to be performed at the Annual Kristin Pankonin Showcase Recital, to be held in the fall of 2021. This year’s judges were Kurt Erickson (composer; professor of music at Cosumnes River College), Rebecca Plack (singer; lecturer at UC Davis) and Laura Ward (collaborative pianist; artistic director, Lyric Fest).

Carlson studies with Elinor Armer. Martin studies with Cathy Cook. Jinks studies with Yoshikazu Nagai.

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