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An education at SFCM will transform you as
an artist, intellectual, professional, and individual.

  • To become an inspiring artist you must first seek inspiration. An extraordinary faculty is the foundation for a transformative education. Immersing yourself in a culture of exploration where you hear and perform with legendary musicians is the path to success.

    Exploring the operas of Handel and works of Gilbert and Sullivan is just the tip of the iceberg for Gabrielle Haigh.

  • You will expand your curiosity and understanding of the world through a dynamic curriculum integrated with your focus on music. Critical thinking is the path to knowledge, self-awareness, perspective, and achievement. You will develop the skills of inquiry, analysis, and communication necessary to pursue any endeavor.

    An accomplished pianist currently enrolled in med school, Kevin Sun keeps his passion for music close to inform his future.

  • The ability to transform dreams and aspirations into a life path is predicated on an understanding and application of core business principles and strategies. Our curriculum is designed to equip you for a lifetime of success.

    After a successful crowdfunding campaign, it’s only a matter of time before Matthew Linaman takes on his next project.

  • Part of your journey at SFCM is to discover new ideas and explore them through projects of your own imagination and design. Winter Term provides the ideal laboratory to challenge yourself, to engage your strengths, to know and improve your weaknesses, and to practice the art and science of taking risks. You are unique. The possibilities are limitless.

    Qianqian Jin is forging her own path to stand out with unmatched originality.


Inspiring artists. Passionate teachers.

MaryClare Brzytwa, Technology and Applied Composition Executive Director

Faculty Member Brings Students to Shanghai

Technology and Applied Composition Executive Director MaryClare Brzytwa recently brought a cadre of SFCM students to Shanghai in October for Electronic Music Week.

MaryClare Brzytwa


SFCM's Extraordinary Women

Journey through the history of the San Francisco Conservatory of Music and hear from the extraordinary women who have shaped the institution into what it is today, a salute to SFCM's founders Ada Clement and Lillian Hodghead.