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Rent a Space

Our halls are here for the community.

Our performance halls and facilities boast some of the best acoustics around, and they can be rented for various events, from mixers to performances.

Non-Profit One-Day Rentals

Performance Space Up to 6 hours 6 hours or more
Concert Hall (404 seats) $1900 $2500
Recital Hall (121 Seats) $1300 $1700
Osher Salon (100 Seats) $850 $1100
Classroom Up to 4 hours 4 hours or more
All sizes $50 per hour $75 per hour
For up to 125 standing
(café or 2nd floor)
  $450 w/Café Crème services
(catering costs are charged separately)
$550 w/supplied food or outside caterer
200-350 standing (café, first
floor landing, and second floor)
  $900 w/Café Crème* services
(catering costs are charged separately)
$1,100 w/ supplied food or outside caterer

*Café Crème information below

Rates Subject to Change

All performance halls have two nine-foot concert grand pianos and one green room/warm-up room. Performance hall rentals include use of green room/warm-up room, concert grand pianos (tuning required for performances), plus chairs and stands. All classrooms have grand pianos (tuning may be required). Classroom rentals also include a warm-up room, if necessary. Basic concert lighting is provided.

Services/equipment (no charge with rental)

  • Box office table in the lobby (day of performance only)
  • Extra warm-up rooms, as needed
  • Use of six- and eight-foot tables

Requests/Soft Holds

All rentals must be approved by Conservatory staff. The Conservatory does not rent to religious or political organizations, or for the purposes of benefits or fundraisers.

After requests are approved and the dates(s) cleared, the Production Manager will place a soft hold on the performance dates for 30 days. If there is a challenge to the hold by another organization, the organization holding dates must submit a 25% deposit for the estimated costs within seven business days of notification of the challenge. If a deposit is not received, the hold will be released.


To confirm a rental, the Conservatory requires a signed performance agreement and a 25% deposit without exception. Full payments can also be made. There is a $150 administrative fee for all rentals.

Balance payments must be delivered to the Production Manager or Assistant Production Manager on or before the day of the event. Late payments will result in a $100 fee for each day the balance payment is not received.

If required, proof of insurance is required within 30 days of the event date.

Services/Extra Costs

Piano tuning, weekdays $145
Piano tuning, weekends $165
Use of baroque instruments (tuning included) $200 per day
Conservatory performance staff $25/hr per person (staff assigned by Production Manager)
Audio or video recording $200 (both, $300)
A/V equipment setup $75 (includes sound check)
A/V technician $50 per hour
Use of orchestra risers $150 per day
Lighting technician $25 per hour

Rates Subject to Change

The Conservatory reserves the right to increase fees for large or complex organizations, including symphony orchestras.

All performance halls have two nine-foot grand pianos and green room/warm up room. Performance hall rentals come with use of pianos, green room, backstage areas, chairs, stands, and use of acoustic baffles. Classroom rentals include use of pianos (tuning may be required) and warm-up rooms.

Best Months/Times for Renting

September, October, January-February, and June-August are optimal rental periods; evenings and weekends are recommended.


Pianos: Pianos are tuned by Conservatory staff only. Tunings are required for any performance, but not for dress rehearsals. Prepared piano music may be performed only on the Knabe seven-foot grand. Renting organizations may not bring in pianos.

Baroque instruments: The Conservatory has three harpsichords and one fortepiano. Use requires permission of Conservatory baroque faculty and the production manager. Instruments are tuned by Conservatory independent contractors only (see fees above). Multiple tunings require higher fees.

Use of Conservatory instruments: Renting organizations may not use instruments owned by the Conservatory.

Use of Conservatory percussion: In most cases, renting organizations may not use Conservatory percussion. If requested for a rental, the Production Manager will contact the Conservatory percussion department assistant for special permission.

Receptions and reception areas: See above for reception area rental rates and fees. The Conservatory provides the reception space and tables only (six foot and eight foot). Reception areas must be reserved as part of the rental package.

Existing furniture in the Conservatory’s reception areas can be adjusted or removed as necessary. The renting party must provide all necessary food, water, drinks, and service items. The renting party is also responsible for removal of all service items. At the conclusion of a reception, renting parties are responsible for collecting trash and placing it in the proper receptacles. The Conservatory will recycle bottles and cans.

*Catering: Café Crème is the official caterer for SFCM. All food and beverage must be consumed on the premises and must be purchased through Café Crème.

Clients wishing to serve/sell beer and wine must provide an Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) license from the city and county of San Francisco one month prior to the event. SFCM’s Production Manager or Assistant Production Manager must sign this document in person. Beer and wine may not be sold or distributed by the client without a signed ABC license. Clients wishing to serve or sell beer and wine without an ABC license must contract Café Crème as the server of beer and wine.

Visit Café Crème

Load in: The Conservatory has one main entrance (50 Oak Street) and one loading dock (Hickory Street, behind the Conservatory). All carried items and instruments may come through the main entrance; all large items/instruments and catering equipment/service items must come through the loading dock. All hand trucks, dollies, carts, and other transports with wheels must come through the loading dock. Conservatory security will open the loading dock.

Cleaning supplies/equipment: Conservatory staff or janitors do not provide cleaning agents, brooms, mops, etc. to renting organizations.

Lighting: All rentals include basic performance lighting (pre-sets only). Special lighting is provided by Conservatory staff only, using Conservatory equipment only. Renting organizations may not use outside lighting technicians. Any use of gels, gobos, or lighting refocus requires rental of a Genie lift, to be paid for by the renting organization.

Tickets: Renting organizations must use an outside ticket service or provide its own tickets. The Conservatory does not offer support for ticket sales. The Conservatory does not provide a cash box or cash to renting organizations.

Programs: The Conservatory does not provide concert programs.

Public Relations: Renting organizations are responsible for any public relations support or service, including posters, flyers, or other advertisements.

Volunteer ushers: Rental organizations may provide volunteer ushers. Please contact the Production Manager for staffing recommendations.

Storage: Storage at the Conservatory will be handled on a case-by-case basis and is based on availability. The Conservatory is not responsible for damaged, lost, or stolen items—storage is at the risk of the renting organization.

Other restrictions:

  • Cellists and bassists must use rockstops in any performance space, practice room, or classroom.
  • Renting organizations may not use Conservatory phones, computers, fax machines, copiers, printers, or the touchscreen computer (near main entrance).
  • The Conservatory does not own choral risers. If needed, renting organizations must provide them.

  • Caroline H. Hume Concert Hall

  • Osher Salon

  • Sol Joseph Recital Hall

  • Classroom Space at SFCM

  • Caroline H. Hume Concert Hall

  • Osher Salon

  • Sol Joseph Recital Hall

  • Classroom Space at SFCM

  • Caroline H. Hume Concert Hall

  • Osher Salon

  • Sol Joseph Recital Hall

  • Classroom Space at SFCM

  • Caroline H. Hume Concert Hall

  • Sol Joseph Recital Hall

  • Classroom Space at SFCM


Get in touch.

Chris Ramos
Associate Production Manager and Box Office/Reception Coordinator