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Cello Project


Osher Salon
50 Oak Street, San Francisco, CA 94102
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About Cello Project

SFCM’s Cello Project is one of several interdepartmental collaborations. In this instance, the Composition and Cello departments combine annually in the Fall to create innovative and challenging works for solo cello. The Cello Project and similar collaborations such as the 11-year long Viola Project, the Guitar Project, and the Horn Project among others, continue to augment contemporary repertoire for solo instruments.

How the Cello Project works: Each participating composer is paired with a cellist; the two work to construct, rehearse and perform a short, rigorous and idiomatic composition in a fairly short amount of time. The works are recorded at a public recital and the finished scores subsequently included in the Conservatory library’s permanent collection.


Jose Salinas
Improvisación Folklórica
Ernesto Cabezas, cello

Jeff Peterson
Cello Solo No. 1
Zoe Lee, cello

Tamara McLeod 
Abigail Monroe, cello

Yu Xu 
Jia-Yu Chen, cello

Aatef Baransy
Suite for Solo Cello
     I. Overture
     II. Dance
Michelle Wang, cello

Daniel Zarb-Cousin
Variations on an Original Theme
Hung-Yu Lin, cello

Clark Evans
Christine Lee, cello

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