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Glenn Gould and the Bach Goldberg Variations


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Live Stream


We are grateful for the support for this special event from Beverly and Fritz Maytag.


In celebration of Glenn Gould and his recordings of J.S. Bach's Goldberg Variations, SFCM presents an online event of live performance and discussion around the renowned recordings and the eccentric pianist who became a superstar through his interpretation of the work. Hosted by SFCM Music Director, Edwin Outwater, and featuring the below guest artists and SFCM faculty.


Introduction from the President
David Stull

Program Overview
Edwin M. Outwater

Interviewing Glenn Gould
A Conversation with Tim Page
Edwin Outwater & Tim Page

The Universality of The Goldberg Variations
Jeffrey Kahane
Including a performance of:
     Variation 1 a 1 clavier
     Variation 7 a 1 ovvero 2 claviere
     Variation 9. Canone alla terza a 1 clavier
     Variation 13 a 2 claviere
     Variation 21. Canone alla settima
     Variation 24. Canone all’ottava a 1 clavier
     Variation 30. Quodlibet a 1 clavier

Why I Love The Goldberg Variations
Jeremy Denk
Including a performance of:
     Variation 25 a 2 claviere

Panel Discussion
Edwin Outwater
Jeremy Denk
Paul Hersh
Sharon Mann

Performance of the Aria
Robin Sutherland


Jeffrey Kahane, pianist, conductor, and SFCM alum
Jeremy Denk*
Tim Page (author of Glenn Gould Reader)
Sharon Mann*
Paul Hersh*

The event will be in memory of Robin Sutherland. Jeffrey Kahane lived in the Ada Clement house with Robin, when they were both students at SFCM.

* SFCM Faculty

Departments and Faculty Involved with This Event


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