A percussionist's hands holding mallets and playing the marimba
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Percussion Ensemble Concert


Caroline H. Hume Concert Hall
50 Oak Street, San Francisco, CA 94102
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Free, no tickets or reservations required


Steve Reich
Clapping Music
Caleb Smit and Jeremy Smith

Violeta Parra
arr. Jaime Cardenas

El Gavilan
Jaime Cardenas

Nigel Westlake
Omphalo Centric Lecture
Sohrab Bazargannia, Mike Kiely, Lynn Park, and Daniel Hallett 


Iannis Xenakis
Sohrab Bazargannia, Tim Padgett, and Jeremy Smith

Robert Dillon
Jimmy Chan, Julie Choi, Caleb Smit, and Mattijs van Maaren

David Skidmore
Torched and Wrecked
Jaime Cardenas, Savanna Cardenas, Maggie Sheng, and Eric Stoss


Sohrab Bazargannia
Jaime Cardenas
Savanna Cardenas
Jimmy Chan
Julie Choi
Mike Kiely
Daniel Hallett
Tim Padgett
Lynn Park
Maggie Sheng
Caleb Smit
Jeremy Smith
Eric Stoss
Mattijs van Maaren