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Percussion Ensemble Concert


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Performed from Caroline H. Hume Concert Hall


What's cool about this evening

  • Hear Perfectly Voiceless, a work by genre-bending musician Devonté Hynes (aka Blood Orange), the album of which is described as “Philip Glass-style minimalism gives way to a catchy pop melody.”
  • Listen to Dark Full Ride by Julia Wolfe. A Pulitzer Prize-winning composer and MacArthur Fellow, Julia premiered some of her latest work at the New York Philharmonic in 2019, which went on to receive two Grammy nominations.


Anna Thorvaldsdottir 
Jonas Koh, Eddie Virtgaym
Sean Swenson, Kobe Lester

Joe Tompkins
Trio in a Rudimental Style
Sean Swenson, Alex Chen, Kobe Lester

Ellen Reid
Fear Release
Eric Stoss, Micah Harrow
Caleb Smit, Jimmy Chan

Mark Applebaum
Catfish for Percussion Trio
Caleb Smit, Lynn Park, Jeremy Smith

Devonte Hynes
Perfectly Voiceless
Daniel Hallett, Sehee Park
Julie Choi, Lynn Park

Departments and Faculty Involved with This Event

Percussion Ensemble