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Tiny Dorm Finale: Opera and Musical Theatre Night

What’s cool about this evening Opera and Musical Theatre:

  • Your opera and musical theatre favorites on the same night.
  • Scenes from Firebird Motel, an opera composed by faculty member David Conte.
  • Students were preparing for these three large-scale productions before the pandemic—both Fledermaus and Into the Woods were even sold out—and now the students get their deserved spotlight while thousands more people cheer them on than could be seated in the Concert Hall.

    Additional Faculty Involved: 
    Sun Ha Yoon, Principal Coach for Die Fledermaus and Firebird Motel
    Michael Horsley, Musical Director and pianist for Musical Theater and Into the Woods


The following selections will be performed from Marcie Stapp's English translation of Johann Strauss II's Die Fledermaus  and have been pre-recorded to reduce internet lag. Each student performer will be presenting their recorded piece!  

Act I, “Wandering little turtle dove"
Alfred: Grant Harper '20, tenor

Act I, “Drink my darling, drink with me"
Alfred:  Christopher Wall '20, tenor

Act II, “I’ve one small vice, I must confess"
Orlofsky:  Cristina Lanz '20 and Christopher James '21, mezzo-soprano and countertenor

Act II, “My dear Marquis, clearly you see" 
Adele: Clio Briggs '20, soprano

Act II “Songs of my homeland" 
Rosalinde:  Andrea Bickford '20 and Kathryn Rupp '20, soprano

Act III “First as a blushing young maiden"
Adele: Vivian Yau '20, soprano

Musical Theater Selections: 

Terrence McNally and Lynn Ahren 

"Your Daddy's Son" 
     from Ragtime
Malikha Mayes '20, soprano

Rodgers and Hammerstein
"If I Loved You" 
      from Carousel
Melanie Berman '20, soprano 

Stephen Sondheim
"The Miller's Son" 
     from A Little Night Music
Rebecca Allen '20, mezzo-soprano

Stephen Sondheim
"Being Alive" 
      from Company
Kurt Winterhalter '21, baritone

The following selections will be performed from Stephen Sondheim's Into the Woods. 

"I Know Things" 
Little Red Riding Hood: Katie Ahmann '19 '21, soprano

"Steps Of The Palace" 
Cinderella: Clio Briggs '20, soprano

"Stay With Me" 
Witch: Chelsea Holmes '20, soprano

"Moments In The Woods"
Baker's Wife: Cristina Lanz '20, mezzo-soprano
"Giants In The Sky"
Jack: Meghan Joliffe '21, mezzo-soprano

"No More" 
Baker: Nathanael Fleming '20, tenor   

The following selections will be performed from David Conte's Firebird Motel and have been pre-recorded to reduce internet lag. Each student performer will be presenting their recorded piece!  

"Nova's Warning" 
Nova: Cristina Lanz '20, mezzo-soprano;  Emma Jane Sharp '19, '20, mezzo-soprano
Julie: Danielle Rogers '20, soprano
Chorus : Michelle Cipollone '20, Chelsea Holmes '20, Rebecca Allen '20, Ashley Ashmore '20, Mahsheed Massarat '20, Christopher Wall '20, Wilford Kelly '20, Dante Mireles '21

"You Drink, You Cry"
Trooper: Dante Mireles '21, baritone

"The End of the World"
Corina: Carina Kahane '21,  soprano

"She Acts like She's not just Another Lost Losser"
Trooper: Wilford Kelly '20, baritone

"A Cop Should Protect You"
Ivan: Christopher Wall '20, tenor

"The Night I was Shot I Remember the Stars"
Julie: Taylor See '20, '22  soprano

"In the Desert No Laws Protect You"
Julie: Danielle Rogers '20, soprano

"I Remember the Long Walk from School"
Corina: Olivia Morton '21, soprano

"The Storm is Over" and Final Chorus
Ivan: Marcus Lonardo '21, baritone
Corina: Olivia Morton '21, soprano
Julie: Taylor See '20 '22, soprano 

Act II, Finale “You and I never shall we say goodbye"
     from Die Fledermaus
Doctor Falke: Alex Granito '19 '21 and Marcus Lonardo '21, baritone
Chorus: Taylor Husted, Grace Bernard, Gabriella Martinez, Natalie Harris, Nicole Koh, Alaska Coombes, Monalisa Pomarleanu, Michelle Skylar, Nathanael Fleming, Grant Harper, Christopher Wall, Jorge Ruvalcaba, Jacob Bowman, Keaton Brown, Ze Chen, Kurt Winterhalter

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