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Trumpet Departmental Recital


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Performed from Caroline H. Hume Concert Hall

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Live Stream



Aya Sakou, piano
Margaret Halbig, piano


 Eugène Joseph Bozza (1905-1991) 
Abner Wong, trumpet
Aya Sakou, piano

Johann Baptist Georg Neruda (1708-1780)
Concerto in Eb Major for Trumpet and Strings                
     I. Allegro
     II. Largo
     III. Vivace
Michail Thompson, trumpet
Margaret Halbig, piano reduction

Arthur Honegger (1892-1955) 
Geoffrey Robbins (1910-1954) 
Mont Saint-Michel                            
Jacob Merrill, trumpet
Margaret Halbig, piano

Alexander Grigori Arutiunyan (1920–2012)
Theme and Variations for Trumpet and Symphony Orchestra              
Karlee Wood, trumpet
Margaret Halbig, piano reduction


About SFCM’s Trumpet Department

Learn to play with power and finesse. About ten students under the instruction of four esteemed faculty professors, including principal players from the San Francisco Symphony and San Francisco Opera and Ballet orchestras, make up SFCM's trumpet department. You'll have opportunities to perform with resident ensembles such as the Conservatory Orchestra and chamber groups, with emphasis on both contemporary and classical music, and to enter an annual brass concerto competition.