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The Office of Student Affairs is here as your resource. We know what it’s like to be a student and how important it is to have a staff that works with you and responds to your needs. From housing to off-campus activities to academics, we’ll help you adjust to life at SFCM.

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  • Jason Smith

    Associate Dean for Student Affairs

    As the Associate Dean for Student Affairs, my role is to direct the various student support services at SFCM which include health and wellness, residential life and housing, student activities, international student services, and equal opportunity programs. My colleagues and I in the Office of Student Affairs develop and implement policies, programs, and services that enhance student learning, support the educational goals of students, and create a vibrant, safe campus community.

  • Susannah White

    Assistant Director of Student Affairs

    My role in Student Affairs involves directing Residence Life at SFCM’s student housing facility, the Panoramic, where we currently house more than 160 students. I coordinate Resident Assistants and help them develop and carry out programming for students who live in the Panoramic and other Conservatory students. As the International Student Advisor, I also help international students in their transition into higher education in the United States.

  • Rita Chang, PhD

    Conservatory Counselor

    As the Counselor, I provide short-term individual and group counseling for students struggling with various issues, consult with faculty and staff about student mental health, coordinate with the Office of Student Affairs to develop wellness-related programming, and collaborate with other mental health professionals for students seeking longer-term care outside of the school. I aim to provide a safe, confidential space to help students navigate concerns that may come up during the course of their education at the Conservatory.

  • Jon Kretschmer, PT, DPT, MM

    Conservatory Physical Therapist, Faculty

    In my role as Physical Therapist, I provide individual injury screenings to any SFCM instrumental student who is currently playing with pain or who thinks they may have an injury. I provide recommendations that may include referral to a primary care physician, recommendation for a full physical therapy evaluation, or even no further treatment. Additionally, I teach a course, Health and Wellness for Musicians, in the Professional Development Department.