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Student Academic Enrichment Center

Empowering musicians to thrive as lifelong learners.

The Student Academic Enrichment Center (SAEC) is the Conservatory’s tutoring center. Our mission is to empower musicians to hone their academic skills and explore their intellectual curiosities. The SAEC is your place to gather and work either one-on-one or in groups with an experienced tutor in each subject area. We’re here to work with you to become an active and collaborative learner who can adapt to new challenges and thrive in the pursuit of your career. We aim to help our students approach learning as a collaborative process, develop academic competency through conversation and practice, and engage in diverse ways of knowing and learning.

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Program Notes

The SAEC is located in C10 at the café level. Services provided by the SAEC are free of charge. Make an appointment to meet with a tutor at a time that’s convenient for you!


Diction: James Hogan
French: Hélène Choyer
German: Katherine Ahmann, Michelle Sung
Humanities and Sciences: Abshir Miller, Nicholas Denton
Italian:  Giuliana Torti, Katherine Ahmann
Music History and Literature: Brian Shank, Cristina Lanz, Evan Pengra Sult
Music Theory and Musicianship: Juan María Prieto Iborra, Rongrong Chen, Shawne Workman
Technology and Applied Composition: Daria Novoliantceva
Writing: Amelie Hinman, Bryce Leafman,  Natalia Badziak, Shawne Workman, Wai Ho

Language Exchange Lunch

The SAEC is launching the Language Exchange Lunch in a few weeks. Join our free socials to meet fellow linguaphiles, share words in a language you speak, and get those linguistic neurons stirring. Practice your Italian, German, Japanese, French, Estonian, Mandarin, and more! Lunch is provided, so come hungry.

Keep an eye out for a language you want to learn, or join as a facilitator! Inquiries are welcome.


Get in touch.

Wai Ho
SAEC Coordinator