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Audition Requirements: Conducting

We’re all ears. Before we became players, singers, conductors, and composers, listening was our first love. And it’s still the skill that underlies everything we do at SFCM. Hearing who you are and how far you’ve come is the first step toward a beautiful musical partnership. We can’t wait to hear you.


Candidates must submit an unedited audio-visual recording of the applicant conducting a group in rehearsal for at least 30 minutes. A full orchestra is not necessary. Applicants may include a concert performance in addition to the 30 minutes of rehearsal, but this is not required.

Final Audition Requirements

Auditions will be held at the Conservatory, and will be made by appointment. All conducting applicants must audition live on campus at SFCM.

First Round

  1. Ear training test: intervals, chords and progressions, error identification, intonation, rhythm
  2. Basic score reading, including transpositions and clefs
  3. Written test covering knowledge of repertoire, orchestration, music theory, and music history
  4. Candidates are encouraged to present themselves on their primary instrument and/or to present other musical strengths (piano, composition, etc.)

Second Round

Rehearsal with orchestra or ensemble. Repertoire will be given approximately 8 weeks before the audition.

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