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Conducting Auditions


Spring 2024

This area does not accept applications for Spring semester entry. 

Fall 2024

In-person auditions for Fall semester entry will be held on February 5 and is subject to change.  Students are reminded not to book travel until their audition has been confirmed by the Office of Admission.



All conducting applicants are required to submit unedited audiovisual recordings fulfilling the prescreening requirements listed below with the application. Applicants will be informed if they are invited to attend an audition or have been denied in prescreening.

Applicants wanting to schedule a lesson with Edwin Outwater should first submit the application before reaching out to him.


  • At least 30 minutes of unedited concert AND rehearsal footage in a variety of repertoire. Ensembles should be a full orchestra or large chamber ensemble that includes strings.
  • An audiovisual recording of the applicant performing one or two pieces on their primary instrument.

Final Audition

Skills Assessment

  1. Ear training test: intervals, chords and progressions, error identification, intonation, rhythm
  2. Basic score reading, including transpositions and clefs
  3. Written test covering knowledge of repertoire, orchestration, music theory, and music history
  4. Candidates are encouraged to present themselves on their primary instrument and/or to present other musical strengths (piano, composition, etc.)

Live Audition at SFCM

Applicants invited through prescreening will be required to audition live at SFCM. This will include conducting a rehearsal with a small string chamber orchestra. Repertoire will be given approximately 8 weeks before the audition.


Picture yourself at SFCM