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Curriculum: Historical Performance Postgraduate Students

Life isn’t an audition.

Any music school can make you a better player. Our interconnected courses are built to transform you intellectually, artistically, professionally, and individually. You’ll understand the roots of your music, freeing you to take it somewhere new. You’ll see how your training broadens your options, rather than narrowing them. You'll find your voice. And you'll enter the world with the same confidence you bring to the stage.

A one-year professional studies diploma is available in historical keyboards (harpsichord/fortepiano), baroque violin, baroque viola, baroque cello, and historical plucked strings (guitar/lute). Available to students with a completed bachelor’s degree.

Required Courses

Curriculum: Professional Studies Diploma in Historical Performance
Credit Total: 24

Course #/Title Cr.
Private Instruction
PVL 600 Major Instruction 8
Continuo Playing
ENS 212 Continuo Playing 2
Baroque Ensemble
ENS 210 Baroque Ensemble 2
Seminar on Baroque primary sources 3
Graduate Performance Practice course
MHL 700-799 3
Ensembles or Independent Study (4 credits)
Candidates for the Professional Studies Diploma may fulfill the ensemble or independent study requirement with courses numbered IND 500 Independent Study Project-Ensemble, ENS 200-599, and PRF 510 Community Service Performance.
Winter Term
1st yr. Project
2nd yr. Project
Juries and Recitals
JRPSD Professional Studies Jury
RCTPSD Professional Studies Recital