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Noteworthy Ambition: Another SFCM Grad Wins spot at New World Symphony

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Gabrielle Monachino is joining the New World Symphony as a violin fellow, joining another recent SFCM grad on the prestigious music ensemble.

September 20, 2021 by Mark Taylor

By Mark Taylor

Gabrielle Monachino is now a First-Year Violin Fellow at the New World Symphony. After graduating from SFCM and accepting the role over the summer. Originally from New York, Monachino has been playing violin since she was a young child. She completed her undergraduate studies in Rochester and graduate studies in California. 

Because of her specialized skill set, she was chosen in 2019 to participate in the Concertmaster Track at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music. She now joins recent SFCM grad Dominique Begin as another First-Year fellow at the New World Symphony

“I really am excited,” said Monachino, “I also must thank the school for my training. I attribute a lot of my current successes to my time spent at SFCM,” Monachino said. “The tools I learned, and guidance I received was truly life changing! I hope the school continues to inspire young musicians.”

While at SFCM Monachino studied with Alexander Barantschik, violin faculty member and concertmaster of the San Francisco Symphony. “It was a pleasure to work with her, she is a hard worker, very attentive, and at the same time very creative,” Barantschik said, “She was always finding her own way to get things done, finding her own voice.” 

Barantschik advises other young violinists and musicians to follow Monachino’s lead. “Within one year she made a great improvement, be attentive, work hard, and try to find your own way and your own voice,” Barantschik advised. 

Monachino also worked with Ian Swensen and named him as another one of her mentors, “She was excellent to work with, I helped bring her elements together, technically, musically and personally,” Swensen said, “It was obvious that she was  bringing her energies together and playing great. I am so happy for her,” Swensen added.

Monachino has soloed at Carnegie Hall, the White House, and Dicapo Opera Theatre as well as performed internationally.

In addition to her musical opportunities, Swensen and Barantschik she also thanks all her SFCM teachers and mentors including Catherin Van Hoesen. 

The fellowship Monachino won is incredibly competitive with more than 1,500 recent music school graduates competing for only about 35 positions each year. The New World Symphony is a postgraduate orchestral academy in Miami that is dedicated to preparing talented musicians of all kinds for leadership roles in classical music. 


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