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SFCM Holds First Arts Leadership Summer Institute

The weeklong, seminar-style immersive experience this June is aimed at developing the entrepreneurs, arts administrators, and self-directed performers and ensembles of today and tomorrow.

May 8, 2024 by Mark Taylor

In the grand score of a career in music, succeeding is often more than just performance, but orchestrating a set of unique skills to take you wherever you want to go, from the studio, to the stage, and beyond.  

"Understanding the ecosystem is what sets modern musicians apart," said SFCM's Chair of Professional Development, Kristen Klehr. Klehr is behind the first in-person Summer Institute for Arts Leadership at SFCM June 3rd to June 7th. 

Kristen Klehr

Kristen Klehr.

SFCM strives to educate students to succeed in any path they choose as artists, intellectuals, professionals, and individuals. This summer program is aimed at any aspiring musicians who want to learn more about the industry. During the week attendees will be guided by music experts, thought leaders, and tastemakers across a wide range of disciplines. 

Special guests include SFJAZZ Executive Director Greg Stern, San Francisco Ballet Director of Producing and Operations Juliette LeBlanc, San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus Artistic Director Jacob Stensberg and Musician Neuroscientist Indre Viskontas.  

From attending one day to the entire week sessions include guest speakers, workshops, breakout discussions, panel discussions, and mentorship meetings. "When people think about a career in music, they are thinking about just heading in there and practicing, but there is so much more to it," Klehr said. "Learning the ins and outs of the industry will set you up for success." 

This weeklong seminar touches on parts of the music industry that some aspiring musicians may not yet have explored. These ins and outs can include booking and running a recording session, negotiating a contract, understanding entertainment law, and even planning a music festival. 

SFCM is committed to strongly supporting the future arts leaders of our world. Purchasing a pass to the Institute  includes discounts for students as well as Continuing Education credits. "The musicians that are succeeding and navigating in successful careers, regardless of the genre, are the ones that have added skill sets," Klehr added.  

Guests 21+ are invited to obtain daytime session passes and/or evening panel discussion tickets for the Center for Innovative Leadership: Summer Institute for Arts Leadership 2024 running Monday, June 3, 2024 through Friday, June 7, 2024 at SFCM.