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David Coll

Music History and Literature

"Malevolent bursts of noise poured from her mouth, transforming the sound of feedback into something like a physical dry-heave– there were moments where Hughes’ body language suggested someone being force-fed electrical wire." —(Pitchfork Magazine, speaking of Mellissa Hughe's Performance of my work, 'Position, influence' for soprano and sound sculpture)

Please Me, Place Me David Coll Please Me, Place Me by David Coll.

Courses Taught

  • Survey of Electronic Music
  • Beyond Classical


  • Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley

Awards and Distinctions

  • Gaudeamus 2005
  • IRCAM 'Cursus' 2006-2008
  • MATA Festival (2012)


  • line upon line percussion (2015)
  • Kim Anno, painter/filmmaker (2010-13)
  • Tony Arnold, soprano (2016)

What is your hometown?

Tenafly, NJ

What are you passionate about outside of music?

Theatre, art, and cinema.

What question do you wish students would ask sooner rather than later?

"How is the work different when it's heard live?"

What was a turning point in your career?

68' at Pompidou Center, 2008 (Paris)

If you weren't a musician or teacher, what do you think you would be doing now?

Something having to do with theatre.

What is your daily practice routine?

Coffee first.