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Music History and Literature

To understand where you're headed, look back.

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SFCM’s classes in music history and literature provide a vital learning experience for all aspiring musicians. SFCM faculty deliver engaging sessions, helping students think critically about the meaning of the music they play by examining the musical values of other times, places, and cultures.


They know their stuff.

David Conte headshot

David Conte

Composition Chair

Composition Technology and Applied Composition Music History and Literature Pre-College
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Corey Jamason neadshot

Corey Jamason

Historical Performance Chair

Historical Performance Harpsichord Music History and Literature Baroque Ensemble Pre-College
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SFCM Opera performance

Industry Alliances to Support Students and Artists

In recent years, SFCM acquired two leading artist management companies and an iconic record label to reimagine how elements of the music industry can better integrate to advance the human experience through music. For students, that means more opportunities to interact with touring artists and industry experts–including professional development workshops, side-by-side performances, and enhanced masterclasses.